Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Here we go for 2009:

Organization!!! We are *fingers crossed* moving this year into the first house we have ever owned. I am going to organzie the crap out of it. We may not be able to afford to fully furnish it, but, I will organize it.

Continued weight loss: I have lost ALMOST 35 pounds since June. Good times. I am not going to set a goal this year, except to be even smaller at the beginning of 2010.

Kids: try not to be so annoyed by them/have more patience. Oh, and blog the cute things they say and do. I am forgetting it all in my old age.

Here is an example:

Ainsley's jeans were too long one day, and they were dragging under her heels. She looked up at me, pointed to her ankles and said,

"mommy, a little help here?"


Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stupid Sh*t we did in high school that we thought was hilarious

I have recently gotten in touch with an old friend from high school (and I don't me "old as in OLD" - in fact I am probably older than him), and it got me thinking about some of the funny stuff we did (and mostly it was him...I was just along for the ride).

First of all, keep in mind, my little group of friends was all in the AP/honors classes, so, frankly, we were bored. I remember one night when we were at my house "studying". There were 3 or 4 of us - honestly, I don't remember who all was there, but I am sure my recently reunited friend was there. Let's call him "Bill", after all - that's his name!

We were in pre-calculus (I just had to spell check "calculus"), and we got stuck on some problem. So, we decided to look up our math teacher, Mrs. Pelitier, in the phone book. Yes, kids, that was in the days before cell phones and the internet. Anyhow, we found her, and called the number (and by "we", I mean "Bill"). Her husband answered. Now, honestly, by this point I was laughing so hard that I don't remember what exactly was said - I'm a giggler like that. I suppose "Bill" asked him to speak with his wife, and the husband - in absolute STUPIDITY - told us that she was at the grocery store. Not only that - he told us which store.

Now, you guess what happened next.

That's right - ROAD TRIP!!!! I can't remember which store she was at - probably Food Lion or Tom Thumb. Anyhow, we all piled into a car (probably mine - a rockin' 1985 Toyota Carolla 5 Speed). And then we went to the grocery store.

And we thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

I don't know why we thought it was hilarious. She was there with her kids.

And that was HILARIOUS!!!!

And we asked her a math question.

And that was HILARIOUS!!!!

Then, I think we went to her house and put something on her front porch. I don't remember what,

but I know we thought it was HILARIOUS!!!!

She must have thought we were the biggest pains in the ass, and she probably unlisted her telephone number that night. But, we got our math question answered.

This is just one of my many "Bill" stories. He told me that he read through my blog. Given that this blog is completely fractured and random, and I don't post very often, it is bizarre to think that someone read through it, but he did, and so now he gets a story told about him.

Just think, "Bill", I could have told the story about the time you wore all black to school for several days because of an "issue" with your girlfriend.

That was also hilarious. Sorta.

Or the days you spent selling us candy and then got in trouble for beating the vending machine prices, and costing the school revenue on the vending machines.

Then there were the CO-2 bombs. You know, I prosecuted some high school kids for the same shenanigans. And I thought of you the whole time!!

good times.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Updates and Photos

I finally downloaded some pictures. Here is our life from the last few months:

My in laws visited. Here is my MIL making bread with the kids.

Then my brother in law visited with his wife and my niece, Claire. Here are the three kids:

A few weeks later we took our kids to a nearby farm. Here is Ainsley with a baby pig.

And Brandon with a goat.

And Ainsley riding a pony.

And Brandon riding a pony. (The pony rides were $4 per child, people. I am posting the pictures!)
Then we picked peaches - after all, it was a peach festival.

Then it was Brandon's last day of kindergarten. He got the "milky way" award for most creative and imaginative.
Then the kids all sang/screamed out the lyrics to 4 songs.

And we got a new puppy!!! She's a mastiff - her name is Maya.

Here she is meeting our other dog - Kali. (the stupid, but lovable daschund). Kali wont be the bigger dog for long!(Please ignore my filthy area rug. I didn't realize how dirty it was til I looked at these pictures)