Monday, March 12, 2007

Secret Agent Man

Saturday at the park, Brandelion and I played "secret agent" and hid from AtHomeHubby and DramaQueen. The cutest moment was when they were coming up behind us and Brandelion yelled out,


He then did a sort of dive roll into the wood chips and stopped in the corner. It was really cute.

Maybe someday he can develop his sense for the dramatic. Hopefully, he wont be nearly as melodramatic as this:

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Grass is Greener on the Weekend

One of the big advantages in my move to downtown is the compressed work week schedule. Essentially, I get to go into to work at the ridiculously early hour of 7:00 and work "80 in 9" - 80 hours in 9 days, and then I get a Friday off - so...every other weekend is a three day weekend!


This past weekend was my first "flex day" and I sure enjoyed it. We spent Friday going to the gym (work out with hubby!), the grocery store, and the mall (JCPenny - working gal needs a new suit!). Then the kids and I headed off to the library while AtHomeHubby went to work for the evening.

And, can I just say, love love love the local library. Even though our local branch doesn't have much to speak of here is my method: (1) find books I want on Amazon; (2) go to the County-wide library web site and find the same books; (3) request a hold on the books; (4) wait for an email telling me to go pick up books at the local branch. To me, it feels like shopping for free, and I have been reading a lot of vacuous "chick-lit" and I love it!

After the library, I made a healthy *NOT* dinner for the kids. Do tater tots count as a vegetable? Who cares! They had fun. While hubby was at work, I zoned out and watched TV - my idea of a perfect evening, at least, when I am tired and hubby is at work.


Saturday did not go so smoothly. You see, I was feeling guilty for being in a bad mood last weekend and wanted to make it up to the fam. So, I found this chili festival going on about 45 minutes from where we live. Lured by the promises of "games for the kids" "lots of great food" "classic car and motorcycle show", etc, we decided to go.

In the words of the immortal Julia Roberts:


The entire event was windy, loud, boring, and expensive. We stuck it out about 2 hours, and then Brandelion said, "mommy, it's too cold here (windy, actually son), can we go back to the desert where it's hot?" So, off we went, back home to where the temperatures were over 70.

Unfortunately, little miss Drama Queen did not want to go home. Well, she did, she just wanted to sit in the other seat in the van. A couple of weeks ago, I let the kids switch, and now she wants to switch everytime. We told her no, hubby had to physically force her into her seatbelt, and she SCREAMED bloody murder for about 20 minuntes.

We managed to get home, rest for a bit, do dinner and put the kiddos down to bed. Hubby and I had a nice evening, even though we were both pretty worn out from the Crappy Chili Festival.

Sunday we continued our new found commitment to going to church. It is sometimes hard for us to go, but we are always glad we do. Brandelion is starting to adjust to going to Sunday school, which we find encouraging given that he starts kindergarten next year. After, we headed out for Chinese food which went exceptionally well. Drama Queen however seemed to be trying to tell everyone in the restaurant that she went potty - but the waitress and the other diners seemed to take it in stride.
We headed home, and hubby, once again, headed off to work, only to return very early because the restaurant was VERY slow, and now that the minimum wage in our state went up his managers are very attuned to labor costs. It was a nice surprise to get to hang out with him for an hour or so before I had to head off to bed ridiculously early in anticipation of my 5 am wake up call.
All, in all, a nice weekend, and now I am back at work. At least I actually feel rested.
And yes, I know this was a VERY boring post - but, my life is pretty simple sometimes, and I like it that way. Thanks for indulging me.