Wednesday, February 28, 2007


In order to properly tell this story, let's lay the groundwork.

First, I love Chipotle - hopefully, you all have this chain by you - if not, I'm horribly sorry, and you should move. I have no real weakness for fast food, with this one exception. I eat there about once a week, and LOVE IT!!!! However, now that I work downtown, where the world is decidedly Chipotle-less, I can only grab it on the way home from work - a new habit I began last Wednesday (hubby's work night).

Tonight was the night, and, needless to say, I know exactly what I get:

Burrito Bol (like a burrito, but, no tortilla and in a bowl) with rice, black beans, and steak. Then I have them add corn salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce, and tonight I got some chips and salsa. Then, I get home, hastily put the children to bed, crack open a DDP (diet dr. pepper - I am from Texas after all), and write a blog post!

Don't judge me.

Anyhow, going through the line at Chipotle from the time you get to the front of it until the time you get to the cashier takes about 45 seconds - so long as you know what you are doing.

Now to tonight - in a hurry, babysitter waiting, rush into Chipotle. Whew - the line isn't too long good...Tapping my heels on the ground, being patient, ooohh, yum, I just can't wait for that yummy Chipotle goodness.

YES! The tiny lady in front of me - it's her turn, that means I'm next!

Then she starts with the very demanding voice, and it's hard to believe it came out of such a tiny body, but, I digress..

Okay, I need one burrito, but I just want the rice and chicken in it, then roll it up, I want everything else on the side.

No, no, not mixed together!!! I need a small side of veggies, a small side of corn, one of sour cream, and one of cheese!!!

At this point the barely bi-lingual girl behind the counter looks confused, but then she gets it and explains it to the next girl down the line who starts filling tiny cups with each ingredient.

The lady follows the burrito ALL the way down the line, the runs back to the beginning like she is doing wind sprints in PE class, and says:

Okay, now I need a fajita salad, but I just want the lettuce, and the rice in the bowl and everything else on the side....

etc, you get the idea.....

Wind sprint back to the beginning - and last I need a ....

This is where I wanted to find a sharp object to stab her.

What in the world is wrong with people?????

But, all is right with the world now. All I have to do is keep the sour cream off the keyboard!

- that last line sounded a little weird...but I'm going to keep it anyway.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh minty cookies of my diet downfall

Thanks to Mike's nearly criminal consumption of Girl Scout Cookies, the little cookie-pushing leprechauns have come west!

They have moved into the parking lot of my neighborhood grocery store.

They tempt me so - with their cuteness and their "we have a new sugar free cookie this year."

Well, I don't want your new sugar free cookie - I want one thing, and one thing only


But, says my inner voice, you don't need thin mints. Besides, what's so special about them? You could always eat the Keebler Grasshopper cookies - they are really the same thing, and you manage to avoid those all year long. And don't forget your weight loss goal this year - how are thin mints going to help??

So, I answered my "rational" inner voice. I don't know what's so special - but I know they are special. Plus, it's for a good cause. Plus, I'll just get one box. Just one box this season - there, craving satisfied. Humph.

I tried people, I really did.

I caved.

One little box.

I decided I would take it to work and "share it".

I did take it to work.

Yet to share it.


I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch - only 250 calories.

Surely that calls for some cookies, right?

PS: Mike, we are going to need a support group - I could always mail you boxes from here. I don't want you to come crashing down after your cookie high and do anything crazy. I'll enable you, and, maybe next year you can help the cookie season (the happiest time of the year) come a little earlier to AZ! *Hee hee*

Thursday, February 22, 2007

He's Moving

This was too traumatic a couple of days ago when it happened, but now it is funny.

AtHomeHubby and I have really laid down the law about the rules in the mornings because of this and this. The deal is that if the rules are broken, no TV for the day. Hard to believe that AtHomeHubby signed on for that, but he is a glutton for punishment. The rules for Brandelion include - no food without asking permission, he has to stay in bed until 7:00, and he can't go outside.

This was tough for him for several days, and he lost a lot of TV privileges. On Tuesday, he informed AtHomeHubby that,

I'm moving to Nana's! You're too mean, and she's nice.

He then started crying, packing, and called me at work to say goodbye. It was horrible. I felt really helpless, but AtHomeHubby persisted that this was "good for him" and "it will make him appreciate us."

Then, AtHomeHubby told Brandelion how much he would miss him, and how we would all cry all the time if he left.

Brandelion finally relented, broke down and sobbed, and has been the SWEETEST kid for the last couple of days.

Even though, at the time, I thought AtHomeHubby was being WAY too heartless by just letting Brandelion pack, etc....

Here goes....

I hate to admit it....

He was right.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I got nothing

Trying to think of something to blog about....


I got nothin'

Check out AtHomeHubby/Big Papa's post.

Before reading it, keep in mind that I lived with him AND his brother for several months. Hard to believe I survived.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Postponing Valentines

Today I left for work before AtHomeHubby got up, and will be in bed before he gets home from work. So, we agreed that Valentine's Day in our house is tomorrow. We don't make a big deal out of it - we just had our anniversary last month. I just got him a small gift for tomorrow morning.

My point though, is that my son (thanks to the Disney Channel no doubt) knew that it was V-Day. I got home, and was checking my email (after checking my explorer history to make sure my 16 year old baby sitter isn't using the computer!).

Anywho... Brandelion came in, leaned his head on my shoulder and said,

I love you, mom. I just wanted to tell you that - because it's Valentine's Day.

Brandelion is such a sweet and sensitive boy that he went on to tell me,

I didn't get any cards for Valentines, mom. (sad voice).

Now I feel like CRAP - I didn't think he was old enough for me to worry about Valentine's day - YIKES. So, this post is partially hoping I will find this next year and remember that I have more than one valentine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Surviving the Commute

Now that I have been working downtown for two days, I am becoming reacquainted with my "city" language, as opposed to my polite suburban curses such as "fudge" and "shoot"

okay, I have never said those words except maybe, "I would shoot someone for some fudge right now"....well, never have said that either, but it seems more likely than "oh, fudge!"
*please avert your eyes from this post if you have sensitive ears*

I feel like I have been absent from my blog for eons - but, really, only two days. Yesterday, quite frankly, felt like a week.


I spent nearly an hour and a half EACH WAY driving - then, they don't even have an office for me yet because my new office is still occupied because she can't move, because her new office isn't ready because the guy in it can't move....etc....because some jack ass up the chain of command hasn't bothered to get his SHIT out of his office - some excuse about "being in a homicide trial..." blah blah, freakin' blah.

So, I spent most of the day doing NOTHING - then I drove back for another hour and a half. The bright side was reuniting with a bunch of friends.

Today - I rode the bus - MUCH better. 15 minute drive to the Park and Ride, 45 minute bus ride - very low stress. You see - I don't enjoy driving. All that paying attention really gets me down.

I actually think I am going to enjoy my new position - I really do like being down town, and it seems that I have figured out a way to make the commute bearable.

Quiet As A Mouse

In December I posted about Brandelion and the front door. Yesterday morning I came out into the living room about 5:45 AM, and he informed me,

Mom, your keys are in your car.

*half asleep* What?

I put your keys in the car so you could find them.

*louder* YOU WHAT????

Yep, they're in your car.

Sure enough - he had gotten my keys off the counter, unlocked the front door, gone out into the driveway, unlocked the car (didn't know he knew how to do this), put my keys in the front seat, gone back in the house,

and LOCKED the front door behind him.

at 5:30 or so in the morning.


I beg you,

don't call CPS.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My sweet girl

You know how some days you just find yourself totally in love with your kid? That happened to me last week, and inspired me to pick up the camera.


Friday, February 9, 2007

My last day without a commute

Today I slept in until 7:00.
I still got to work at 8:00.

Monday I'll have to get up by 6:00.
I'll still get to work at 8:00.

Today I'll leave the office at 5:00.
I'll see my kids by 5:45.

Monday I'll leave the office at 5:00.
Hopefully I'll be home by 6:30 to see the kids off to bed.


I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a promotion of sorts. I'll be prosecuting adult felony offenders instead of juveniles. Doing good, blah blah blah. Hopefully my kids will understand some day why I'm always gone. I guess it could be worse. Most nights I'll make it home in time for reading books and giving hugs.

I have to warn you, fellow bloggers- I'll will not be able to post and comment with so much frequency - my new boss is a bit more hands on - and I have a lot to learn in my new assignment. I'll try to switch my blogging to nights - so sorry in advance for my late comments.

Have a great weekend everyone - I know I plan to.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I talked him into gentle

AtHomeHubby has finally decided to start his own blog. He is all set up here and will be posting soon I hope. I don't want to steal his thunder so I will let him explain his nickname (Big Papa) and the purpose of his blog. Enjoy! *****and comment !!! lots of comments for him*****

UPDATE: He's funny - check out his first post!

A little bit, honey, just a little

A few months ago, Brandelion and I were having one of our Sunday afternoon, just me and him trips to the grocery store. I try to do this a couple of times a month - I like to have the time alone with him, away from his dad and his sister. I always try to make is special (usually by buying him something - I am not above bribery) and always tell him how much I like it when it is just me and him.

We had just pulled into the parking space, when he hit me with it,

Mom, when I was a baby, how did I get in your tummy?

*PANIC ALARM goes off in my head....desperately trying to remember all of the so-called parenting books I had read. I'm sure this was a topic, but my mind is going blank!!!*

Then I remember the standard advice: Just answer the question at a level he can understand and don't give him too much information.

So I answered the following way,

When a mommy and daddy love each other very much they make a little tiny baby, and the baby grows in the mommy's belly.

Whew, that wasn't too bad, let's hope he doesn't ask (1) how the baby is made or (2) precisely how it gets in the belly.

He replies, How did I get out?

Well, sweetie, when it was time for you to get out, Mommy went to the hospital and the doctors, nurses, and even Daddy helped me push you out.

Then, in the sweetest, most loving, and slightly shocked voice,


In my head I'm thinking: "hell yes it hurt!! Like nothing else. In fact the only thing that has ever hurt worse in my entire life was giving birth to your sister! And the stiches, oh, the stiches I had!"

Instead I said,

A little bit, honey, just a little.

I've joined the Future MILFs

After reading the posts about this group from Jess and JennyHaHa I headed over and checked it out. The group started about two months after I went on my weight loss quest. I haven't been as focused as I was - so, I'm trying to get back on track. I have lost 13 pounds since October... and I'll update on Friday with all of the other group members.

Anything I can do to make weight loss sorta fun.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I'm a Virgo

I saw this post about your "Sexy Zodiac" at Angel's Cloud and, not wanting to risk years of bad luck, checked out my sign at this address. I have toned it down a bit - this is a family blog after all. Also, I have added my opinion on whether or not it fits me.

VIRGO: The Virgin

Dominant in relationships.
probably true
you'll have to ask my hubby
Someone loves them her now.
true, true..
Freak in bed.
I absolutely plead the 5th (besides, my mom reads this blog sometimes!)
Always wants the last word.
I'm a lawyer, duh.
Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive.
Not really....
Yep - I read about 10 blogs every day and feel the need to comment often - that's loyalty!
Easy to talk to. Hard to forget.
I hope so!
Love at first sight.
That's a good story for another day.
Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.
Hey, I'll take these compliments!
7 years of bad luck if you do not re-post.

How to be fancy

Yesterday, the high temperature around here was 80. I wore a sweater, having not seen the weather forcast. I was VERY HOT all day long.

So, today, I opted for a skirt and a sweater set - much more comfy for the weather.

When I walked out into the living room, Brandon was watching cartoons. He said to me,

"wow, mommy - fancy!"

I hadn't worn a skirt in a while - too cold outside.

I sorta laughed and he said,

"you should stick your pinky finger out - that's what makes you REALLLY fancy. Yep. I learned that from Sponge Bob."

Hee Hee!