Monday, June 2, 2008

Updates and Photos

I finally downloaded some pictures. Here is our life from the last few months:

My in laws visited. Here is my MIL making bread with the kids.

Then my brother in law visited with his wife and my niece, Claire. Here are the three kids:

A few weeks later we took our kids to a nearby farm. Here is Ainsley with a baby pig.

And Brandon with a goat.

And Ainsley riding a pony.

And Brandon riding a pony. (The pony rides were $4 per child, people. I am posting the pictures!)
Then we picked peaches - after all, it was a peach festival.

Then it was Brandon's last day of kindergarten. He got the "milky way" award for most creative and imaginative.
Then the kids all sang/screamed out the lyrics to 4 songs.

And we got a new puppy!!! She's a mastiff - her name is Maya.

Here she is meeting our other dog - Kali. (the stupid, but lovable daschund). Kali wont be the bigger dog for long!(Please ignore my filthy area rug. I didn't realize how dirty it was til I looked at these pictures)

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